My mission is to set girls free in the joy and power of their creativity, to turn up the volume on their visual voices. Making art that comes from an authentic place helps to process life and connect one's self to the world. My mission is to create a community of young women who will support each other with care, respect and generosity while we simultaneously find the light with our cameras, find our own inner light and share that light with the world. 

I believe our light shines brighter when we are connected to our creativity. That creativity is in everyone, it just needs to be set free. 


The Magic of Creativity 

If you want to make art, experience creativity in a new way, feel free, find yourself, own your voice, connect with your creative sisters and have fun in a safe and nurturing environment -- then this workshop is for you!

With a camera in your hand and under the professional, enthusiastic and nurturing guidance of Alexandra DeFurio, you will learn about what makes a good photograph, and how to make pictures that ultimately make you happy.

Join us to learn about the magic of creativity, how to find ideas and keep going even when you feel challenged, as every artist does. And yes, you are an artist because you are alive. We are born creative and free, but often outside expectations begin to tell us who we're supposed to be and we lose touch with our own voice. Creativity re-connects you with yourself and allows for the voice you hear most clearly to be your own. 

Upcoming Workshop: July 30th - August 3rd
Culmination with Group Show: August 5th

Workshop and culmination will take place at Alexandra's art studio and family home, located in the Hollywood Hills on 2 acres of land. 

Four-day workshop meets Monday - Thursday. Culmination with a group show on the following Sunday afternoon. Family and friends are encouraged to attend the celebration and gallery of works. 

AGES: 14 - 18yrs.

MEET DAILY: 1 - 6pm

TUTION: $495

  • four day photography workshop
  • healthy midday snack
  • editing & printing  
  • 3 images printed on fine art paper
  • gallery show
  • workshop limited to 8 participants                                             

Bring a digital camera that you feel comfortable using. If all you've ever used is your iPhone, then bring that. If you have a laptop with Lightroom and/or photoshop bring that, as well. Otherwise, you will be able to download and edit on the studio computers.

No prior experience necessary. Just be ready to focus, work and play!

SIGN UP: Send an email to



You may be wondering...

  • How do you I find my voice and what does that mean anyway?
  • What if I'm not talented?
  • What if I'm not a naturally creative person?
  • What if the photos I want to take have already been taken a million times?
  • What if nobody likes the photos that I take?
  • What if I don't like the photos that I take?
  • What if my own story is boring or is too personal?
  • How do I make art out of what I'm feeling?
  • Why is it so important to make art?
  • How do I find inspiration?
  • What if I don't ever feel inspired? 

We will explore all of these questions and more! 

Words from Alexandra

My own creative expression did not come easily. Though I became a working professional photographer, it took me many more years to discover what it meant to make my own art. 

After I graduated from high school and my friends went off to college, I headed west with a few hundred dollars in search of more, in search of different, in search of myself. Being an artist appealed to me, but I didn't have any artistic talent that I was aware of. No one in my family was an artist or even discussed art, so it seemed obvious that was not an option for me. 

It wasn't until a film camera found its way into my hands that I knew I had found my calling. Not because I was a natural talent, but because it made me happy and I couldn't stop taking pictures! The viewfinder challenged me to focus on what was meaningful to me, to set aside limiting beliefs about my voice and the opinions of others. 

This discovery process included learning how to make art from pain, opening my eyes to the ordinary beauty around me, accessing my courage, allowing the magic to happen and trusting the perfection of each moment. The finding of my own creativity gave me a confidence and satisfaction that I had never before experienced. 

As a mother of two daughters, I've seen first hand the benefits of an all girls curriculum. It is my intention to share what I've learned (and continue to learn) about creativity and to inspire young women to make art that reflects and amplifies their voices, a practice I have found leads to a more creative and fulfilling life.